Realizing equal opportunities in Cameroon

We focus on projects and activities in the rural communities of Cameroon

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Medical equipment

In Cameroon healthcare facilities are often run by very dedicated and hardworking doctors, nurses and other staff who operate under very difficult conditions often without many of the basic items such as proper surgical tables, x-ray machines, microscopes, gloves and electricity.

Safe drinking water

Water is essential for life, health and prosperity. The UN Millennium Development Goal is to half the proportion of people who do not have access to safe drinking water by the year 2015.


In Cameroon every child may go to primary school for free. But this has meant that the classes are very crowded and with very minimal suitable learning materials. And every parent is still expected to buy for the child all kinds of extras or to pay extras to the schools.

Special needs

We care about persons with physical deformations (e.g., albinism, blindness, deafness, lameness or leprosy) and persons with special conditions that are life-threatening.

We envision a bright future for the people of Cameroon. Where children can go to school and receive education that is beneficial to them and their dreams. Where people in remote areas, have easy access to safe drinking water. Where men and women with a physical deformation can enjoy life once again without being stigmatized because of their physical appearance.