Yvonne is doing well

Yvonne is doing well. Her parents stayed at the mission post in Doume for 2 weeks, but unfortunately they could no longer live in the village and decided to head back to the jungle. Sister Anne-marie (a franciase of about 60 years old), has taken care of Yvonne since then. It was also sister Anne-Marie who decided to take her to the hospital in Yaounde. She also gives me weekly updates about the rehabilitation of little Yvonne.

Yvonne’s head gets smaller by the day. The Drainage system does its job well. The doctor who operated on her wants to know how she is doing and is always willing to answer our questions. Better care I could not wish for.

Her head is now as big as that of a normal baby, at least the front. At the back, there’s the hole. It should heal slowly. Once that happens then Yvonne can do some more active things.

In late October she’ll come to Yaounde for a check up and then we hope that all is well again.

Sister Anne-Marie still has showed me 3 photos of other persons who need help. I have yet to recover from little Yvonne, that has been very emotional so I need some time myself.