Lolodorf well is finished

The well in Lolodorf is finished. The operation, that is digging, cementing and placing the German pump, took about 4 weeks in total. Record time! The reason for this record breaking speed is that we received the remaining funds from our main sponsor (a total of $4000,-) from Stichting Van Den Heerik. In those 4 weeks Huguette travelled a total of 6 times to Lolodorf to make sure all went as planned. A good thing she did, because while the site where the well was supposed to be build was clearly marked, due to heavy rainfall the markings eroded so they ended up digging at the wrong spot. Luckily the workers had only been digging for a day so the damage was’t to great. The building of a well is an herculean task wich you can see on the photos below. The well is 25m deep, which doesn’t sound deep but if you have to physically climb down (as the workers have to do) you may feel differently :-).

Because of pollution of the top water (due to construction, which is normal) the well will be openend in 2 weeks time. By then the water will be safe to drink. It will be done officially, which means that a lot of ‘Big’ People will be present wit lofty speeches and such. Of course the pupils of Lolodorf wil also be present, and say something. Huguette will also be there to hand over the well and make photo’s. For everyone there, especially the children, this will be a great day with food, and most importantly, clean drinking water!

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