Well, we dodged the bullet, as they say, for a couple of years, but a few weeks ago Huguette was robbed. Luckily she was not in any danger; the robbers broke into her car while she was out jogging in the early morning. Gone is the ‘brand’ new camera, her cellphone (but they took out the simcard??) and some other non-valuable items.  If they could’ve just taken out the sd card and left that as well than the recently made pictures of the hospital equipment in Doume and of little Yvonne would not have been lost.
Of course this is our fault, we should not have waited so long with downloading the pictures from the camera. Another lesson learned is all we cans say at the moment.

Because of the timing it is not possible for Huguette to buy a new one and travel to Doume and Bertoua to make some new photo’s. She is flying to the Netherlands with her daughter, to spend Christmas with the family.