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How to help Cameroon in 2017?

When thinking of Cameroon, the first thing that springs to the mind of many foreigners is soccer. Most people outside our country will know Roger Milla, and as I am writing this article Cameroon made it to the final of the AFCON soccer competition. Apart from soccer, not a lot is known about our country in the rest of the world. The Foundation Help Cameroon wants to change this.

In 2017 the Foundation Help Cameroon is still as active as ever. The main objectives of our organization remain the same: the supply of safe drinking water, the acquisition of medical equipment and supplies, supporting people with special needs and providing education to the young.

Drinking water

In the first world, safe drinking water is often regarded as the most normal thing on Earth. People in the first world often do not stop to think when they turn on the tap in order to pour a glass of water. Water is essential to life, health and prosperity. Little do they realize that in 2015, 750 million people did not have access to safe drinking water. The UN Millennium Development Goal is to cut that number by half by the year 2035.

Cameroon is one of the countries that is unlikely to meet this target. Due the lack of the required expertise and funds, a large part of our population is forced to rely on on drinking water that is not fit for human consumption. People are exposed to widespread water-borne diseases such as dysentery, typhoid, cholera and bilharzia. These can be easily prevented through access to safe drinkable water.

The Foundation Help Cameroon mainly focuses on primary schools in rural areas. Here the living conditions are the poorest. Safe drinking water often cannot be found close to home. The drinking water that is accessible to these communities is unsafe for drinking. Often, ponds, lakes, creeks or little streams are breeding sites for mosquitoes which results in the prevalence of malaria. These resources commonly used for drinking water are also vulnerable to sewage contamination. Help Cameroon continues to raise funds in order to build and service water supply points to improve rural access to safe drinking water. This way the risk of water-borne or water related diseases can be reduced. We can safely conclude that primary schools that have received such water points have shown to suffer less consequences from water-borne/ water related diseases. The improved health of the children also improved their school performances.

Medical Equipment And Supplies

Cameroon is a country that aims to improve access to health care. Many health care facilities such as hospitals and dispensaries have already been built in our country. These facilities are run by very dedicated and hardworking doctors, nurses and other staff members. However, these men and women operate under very basic circumstances. They lack basic necessities such as surgical tables, x-ray machines, microscopes, gloves and electricity.

Supporting people with special needs

Foundation Help Cameroon also sets up special projects to support persons with special needs. Our aid is predominantly aimed at persons suffering physical deformations and at persons living in life threatening conditions.

With regards to persons with physical deformations, e.g. albinism, blindness, deafness, paralysis or leprosy, in Cameroon, such persons are frequently socially marginalized, segregated, stigmatized and treated as if they were evil. A number of these conditions can be corrected through surgery in the national reference hospitals or abroad. The financial costs remain high. Most of the affected persons are so poor that this is not an option. At FHC we help to raise funds to allow people to be treated, because without such treatment their life expectation remains marginal.

With regards to patients suffering from life threatening conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney conditions, cancer etc., we acknowledge that specialized follow-up is often expensive. We have facilitated the treatment of children suffering from these medical conditions. We believe that this is an effort that we should maintain especially for the children born into the most underprivileged families. Children born into poverty and suffering from treatable life-threatening conditions need to be given a chance to develop into healthy adults, especially if it is medically possible.


Education is said to be the most important resource to prepare young minds for their future life. Throughout the world various professional educators undertake an altruistic quest to make education available and accessible for all, as it is considered as the only way to abolish challenges such as war, violence, terrorism, racism, tyrannous governments, bad economic conditions and all the treats our world is facing today. Only through education people are able to improve their productivity, interhuman communication and our global coexistence.