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There are multiple ways for you to Help Cameroon. Visiting this website and reading the content already says a lot about you, and we are sure , you will be of good Help to Cameroon.


To Help Cameroon you do not have to do much, unless you want too. You can give financial support on a periodical basis or just for one time. In our budget proposal we have summed up how we will use your donation. And, at the end of the year we will report back to you by providing you with a year report on how we have spent your donation.


Apart from financial support you can also aid the Foundation in another way. You could send in your motivation on why you would Help Cameroon. It is important for other people who visit the website to read about inspirational, logic and/or comprehensive arguments why people should support Help Cameroon. It is not only good for inspiring others that want to help, but also for the people in Cameroon. During our visits to Cameroon it became clear to us that the people in Cameroon can often not belief that there are people all over the world caring for them. The bright smiles on their faces, demonstrates the power of being in another person’s thoughts.


It is possible that you have already supported the people in Cameroon by providing financial aid to the Foundation, and that you have given your personal motivation. If your goodwill to give more to Cameroon has not ceased yet, then you can always get in contact with the Foundation to see whether the skills you have accumulated during your school or work can be beneficial to the Foundation. We are always looking for volunteers and interns.

Thank you for supporting Help Cameroon!