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At Foundation Help Cameroon , We strive to create equal opportunities for children from poor backgrounds to ease their access to high quality education in Cameroon by facilitating access to various basic infrastructures for their schools like clean water for primary school children, some key medical supplies for hospitals and medical/humanitarian support to social, physical and/or economically vulnerable groups.
For over 5 -10 years, Foundation Help Cameroon has prioritized the immediate intervention to help ensure that children, who are our leaders of tomorrow, all can get fair chance for a better future through the provision of basic infrastructures like drinking water, health supplies, learning materials and even scholarship schemes to facilitates up-to-standard and high quality education and improving their standard of living. Our immediate focus is on supporting existing primary schools and healthcare services in critical areas. And we also facilitate self-help projects especially for women in terms of easier access to micro-credit facilities so that will enable them to take better care of both themselves and their wards. Also of particular importance to us are girls and single mothers infected by HIV/AIDS, many of whom their inability to further their education were driven by poverty into prostitution and now are trapped with their children in the hopeless situation and helping in building places of worship across Cameroon’s rural communities to also promote religious campaigns.

“U2, let your heart beat for the gift of giving”

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