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Safe Drinking Water

Water is essential for life, health and prosperity. The UN Millennium Development Goal targeted provision of potable drinking water for half the proportion of people who do not have access to safe drinking water by the year 2035.

Medicals Equipments And Supplies

For decades, many healthcare facilities (hospitals and dispensaries) have been built in Cameroon to improve access to healthcare. These healthcare facilities are often run by very dedicated and hardworking doctors, nurses and other staffs who operate under very difficults conditions often without many of the basics items such as propers surgicals tables, x-ray’s machines, microscopes, gloves and electricity.
Foundation Help Cameroon  also have specials projects to support persons with special needs most importantly in area of persons with physical deformations and in area of persons with special conditions that are life-threatening.
The first is the case of persons with physical deformations, e.g., albinism, blindness, deafness, lameness or leprosy. Such persons are segregated, stigmatized and treated as if evil and are socially marginalized in Cameroon. Some of these conditions can be fixed through corrective surgery in the national reference hospitals or abroad at high costs. But most of the affected persons are so poor that this is not an option. At FHC we help to raise funds and arrange for such people’s required treatments because without such treatment the life prospects of the persons are marginal.
The second case is of persons with special conditions that are life-threatening, e.g. heart conditions, diabetes, kidney conditions, cancer and so on which require very specialized follow-up and often costly care. We have facilitated the treatment of some children in this kind of condition and believe that it is an exercise that we should continue to do especially for children of families that are so poor that the child would have no chance otherwise. Even such a child born in a poor family needs to be given a chance to live especially if suffering from conditions that can be treated but are life-threatening.

Education for children

Education is said to be the most important channel for preparing the young minds for their future. The world at large is striving on this altruistic quest to make education available and accessible for all, as it is considered as the only way to ending challenges like war, violent, terrorism, racism, tyrannous government, bad economic state and more facing our world today, and improve people’s productivity, interaction and coexistence with each other.
Help Cameroon foundation also have specials projects to support persons with special needs most importantly in area of persons with physical deformations and in area of persons with special conditions that are life-threatening.

Micro credit

Ecotourism- Help Cameroon foundation had offer international quality accommodation, foods, drinks, crafts, laundry, entertainment, and guides as part of hospitality services – targeting local and international tourists.


OmniFitness Complex Center

Everywhere you look it seems that people are living sedentary lifestyles.  The problem is that many feel that physical fitness comes at a huge price tag requiring memberships to facilities where everyone else is already in the peak of health.  This motivates customers 0wfooabbwith little experience or motivation to participate in physical activities.

Join our initiative today by supporting us…

We have being relentlessly working towards, helping to bridging the gap between inaccessibility of less privileged people in the rural areas of Cameroon to living a normal life and making life worth living for these people in the rural areas through our advocacy and supportive initiatives for such individuals to living a literate, prosperous and fulfilling lives like their fellow citizens. And also help in advocating religious messages of peace, unity and promoting Godly coexistence amongst people living in our poor rural communities through our various humanitarian and religious supports. You too can also join our progressive campaign today by helping to strengthen the growth of this organization by donating generous towards her success. both Individuals and corporate bodies can also help us by donate money, motivational articles, healthcare and building materials, learning materials and a lot more by donating online at https://www.helpcameroon.org/DONATE. No amount or material is big enough or too small to help promote our project, your generous donations are of paramount importance to us no matter how it is. We will be glad to hear from you soon.

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