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Help Cameroon’s projectmanagement envisions a bright future for the people of Cameroon, our vision is to develop a society  where all children irrespective of their financial background can go to school and receive education that will be beneficial to them and their dreams, where people in remote areas can also have easy access to basic amenities like safe drinking water that can promote progressive habit towards learning, where men and women with a physical deformation can enjoy life once again, just like you and I, without being stigmatized because of their physical disabilities and also to further encourage messages of Hope through our various religious support initiatives like building places of worship and aiding religious widespread as part of our selfless humanitarian services.
In order to realise this vision,Help Cameroon has made a five year long plan to actualise these four objectives. Help Cameroon will remain focused on the rural areas in Eastern Cameroon. The approach in the coming five years will be intensified by working in partnership with local authorities such as municipal and public school leaders. It is mainly through these people that strong relations can be build to ensure longevity of the project objectives – even after the project goals are realised.
It is also our vision to establish a concert/theatre with local celebrities from the music and theatre branches. This concert will purposely be aimed at raising awareness on the importance of safe drinking water, and methodologies to realise this. It can bring joy in the lives of the people in Eastern Cameroon. They can dance, laugh and get inspired on how they can live better lives and in turn influence others to do so. Furthermore, the concert would be an important opportunity for the project management to get in contact with local authorities in the region, to realise more projects.

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